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Company Overview

Baldev Skills Resources Limited is an online training provider and recruiter based in Sheffield, England. Established in 2007, we provide training courses and recruitment opportunities for home care agencies in Europe, Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Learn More About Us

Baldev specializes in providing quality care supports, care certificates and CPD training. We provide funded diploma programs, including Leadership and management diploma.


If you are looking for quality private supports in your own home, we pride ourselves to offering you the best service at a very low rate through our home care service.


For care agencies and private individuals, our regular care certificate refresher and fresher training covers the knowledge content of the skills for care standards. The knowledge learning is delivered through classroom presentations, group work and one to one discussions, either in our office or in client’s workplace.


If you are looking for work or admission into the University, our recruitment team will help you get into suitable job, and also support those who want to progress to the university to secure suitable admission.


At Baldev, we support you with a variety of different care services, from short care calls with visiting care, to full-time support with live-in care. We also support with specialist care needs, domestic services and many more 

What Clients Say

"All the staff are excellent. The day-to-day carers are very friendly, helpful, and caring.
The management team are very approachable, and also helpful, caring, and friendly.
If a request can be accommodated, all staff are happy to do so."
A R (Daughter of Client/Service User)
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