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Mandatory Care Courses

Care Certificate and Mandatory Courses 

Baldev Skills Resources Limited in Sheffield, England offers a wide range of care certificates and mandatory courses you need to jump-start your career in the healthcare industry.  All new health and social care workers should be inducted according to the Care Certificate framework. This replaces the Common Induction Standards and National Minimum Training Standards. Baldev has a wide range of training that satisfies the requirements of the Care Certificate. Furthermore, our training covers, at the same time, important aspects of further vocational training. 


We issue the actual Care Certificate itself based upon proving that the Care Certificate's requirements have been properly achieved. Health and social care workers require adequate induction and annual refresher training to remain current with recommended practice and regulatory requirements.

For inquiry to book your training please complete the "Contact us" form.   Browse through some of them on this page. 

Care Mandatory Courses Overview

Moving & Handling- This course provides a basic knowledge of safe and effective moving and handling of vulnerable people. You will also learn how to avoid common moving and handling errors, how to operate related equipment and more.

Infection Control- It is important to understand how to contain the spread of infectious agents among the elderly. This course provides basic training related to infection control.

Safeguarding Adults- Anyone hoping to work in care must be aware of the legislation and regulations of adult protection in these circumstances. These rules are covered in this course along with topics like identifying abuse, unsafe care practices, and more.

Medication- This course covers how to assist with or administer medication to people in your care

Food Hygiene- This course covers basic food safety measures, including the safe preparation and presentation of food, food hygiene regulations and more 

For more information regarding  Care mandatory training courses, please complete the contact us form, or call us on (+44) 01143270830


Career Progression Courses Offered:

  • Health and Safety at Work

  • First Aid at Work

  • Hand Hygiene

  • Food Hygiene

  • Fire Training

  • Dementia Care

  • Basic Life Support

  • COSHH (Control of Substance Hazardous to Health)

  • Palliative Care

  • End of Life

  • Principles of Care

  • Nutrition and Diet

  • Supervision and Appraisal

  • Record Keeping

  • Mental Capacity Training

  • DOLS (Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards)

  • Challenging Behaviour

Each course is approved by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

What Clients Say

"All the staff are excellent. The day-to-day carers are very friendly, helpful, and caring.
The management team are very approachable, and also helpful, caring, and friendly.
If a request can be accommodated, all staff are happy to do so."
A R (Daughter of Client/Service User)
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